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WickedFast Stimulus Cash

Here are some updates on our WickedFast Skin Care Cash Stimulus Giveaway.

1. We will be doing multiple cash drawings over the next few weeks. We plan to giveaway $1200 per month in 3 or 4 separate drawings. We have not yet determined the amount of each drawing, but they will range from $100-800.

2. We will be doing a drawing every week so please stay tuned to either our Facebook or IG pages for information about the LIMITED registration period.

3. In order to be eligible to win you MUST be a WickedFast customer and you need to have purchased at least one product with us within the last 12 months and you must be registered on our website (posted in the thread below).

4. We will ask that you like and share our posts.

5. If you are selected as a winner in our drawings we will want to do a brief interview with you and use a photo or two of you on our pages.

5. Once you win you will not be eligible to win another drawing for 12 months.

We look forward to your participation and to putting some cash in the accounts of some happy winners! (All funds will be transferred via Cash App, Zelle, or Venmo)

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Kristina  Reed
Kristina Reed
May 02, 2020



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