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Rook Disposable Cartridge Pen w/ 9 Disposable Grips
  • Rook Disposable Cartridge Pen w/ 9 Disposable Grips

    Dubbed "The Safest tattoo pen in the world."


    Rook Rotary Disposable Pen Motor and Box of Grips
            •       Includes 1 Rotary Pen Motor and 9 Disposable Grips
            •       4.6w Motor Bolt
            •       3.5mm Stroke and a working range of up to 12 Volts


    Since the day of its creation, the rotary pen machine was looked at by as a tool that sacrificed the health of the client for the comfort of the artist. Considered to be dirty and hard to clean, the minds at Rook spent countless sleepless nights searching for an answer that give the artist the comfort and control they desired and their clients the safety and peace of mind they deserve, all at a price that meant that anyone could take advantage of a quality product.


    The Rook Rotary Disposable Pen machine features a 4.6w motor bolt that produces enough power to make even the hardest jobs a breeze.
    Each motor comes with its own dust cover to protect it when not in use.


    The front end of the machine comes in the form of a single use E.O. gas sterilized ratcheting grip, complete with an o-ring installed in each for extra stability and peace of mind, as well as an entirely enclosed drive system; which means when you finish your work, you simply keep the motor and dispose of the rest of the machine.


    With a 3.5mm stroke and a working range of up to 12 volts, it can take any job and go toe to toe with some of the industries leading machines, all without breaking a sweat (or your bank)!


    From the company know for surprising the industry, with forward thinking and unexpected yet incredibly well thought out designs and products, the Rook rotary disposable pen is no exception!

      $199.00 Regular Price
      $99.00Sale Price


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