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What does WickedFast work on?

 Besides promoting the healing of tattoos WICKED FAST!!  It’s good for diaper rash, psoriasis, eczema, mosquito bites, flea bites, poison oak, poison ivy, minor cuts, burns and abrasions, welding burns, sunburns, grease burns, steam burns, curling iron burns, chapped lips, fever blisters, athletes foot, acne, and chigger bites.


Also... WickedFast can be used for eye and skin hydration after you take your make up off at night, it can be used as a makeup primer, as well as a cuticle oil for your nails. 


When do I use WickedFast? 

 Immediately after a fresh tattoo apply WickedFast to the tattooed every 2-3 hours, as the area feels "dry and tight" for 5-14 days (depending on your personal healing process) .  If you've been burned, bitten, stung, or developed a rash clean the skin and apply WickedFast to the affected area every 3-4 hours daily until the area is healed.


How do I use WickedFast?

Apply a generous amount the affected area every 3-4 hours until the area is healed.


How many tubes do I need for a single tattoo?

It depends on the size of your tattoo, and the absorption rate of your skin.  For a small tattoo (golf ball sized) one 0.15oz tube will be enough.  For a medium sized tattoo, one 0.5oz will be enough.  For a large tattoo multiple "deodorant" sized sticks will be required.

For skin issues, you should keep several tubes on hand to assure proper healing time for various skin conditions.


Can I use WickedFast on a child?

Yes, WickedFast is great on young skin and senior skin as well.

Can I use WickedFast on a pet?

Yes.  WickedFast promotes the healing of animal skin, paws, hooves, claws, and most other body parts.


Should I wear gloves when applying WickedFast to a tattoo or an open wound?

Because of the packaging, cross contamination is eliminated.  You want to clean the surface before application, and ideally one tube for one person or pet.


Does WickedFast contain petroleum?

Absolutely not.  WickedFast contains only natural ingredients.  It does not contain petroleum which is actually harmful to skin by suffocating your pores.  


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