Beauty. And Pain Relief.

In hundreds of ways.

For babies. Beauties. Beasts.
And bad-asses of every age.

Daily Beauty

  • Nourishing makeup primer 

  • Permanent makeup aftercare & maintenance

  • Smoother hands, elbows & feet

  • Moisturizes & rejuvenates

First Aid

  • Instant sunburn relief

  • Helps heal cuts, scrapes & scars

  • Powerful help for serious burns 

  • No more itching from insect bites, poison oak & poison ivy

Healthy Skin

  • Helps beat eczema & psoriasis

  • Soothes rough diabetic dryness

  • Ends cracking, chaffing & flaking

  • Fights chapped lips, cold sores, fever blisters & acne 

  • Stops diaper rash & athlete’s foot

Tattoo Care

  • A do-it-all salve, balm & ointment

  • Tattoo glide hydrates & lubricates during the tattoo process

  • Aftercare regenerates & repairs skin damage

  • Brightens & revitalizes old tattoos

Safe for Pets

  • Effective relief for animals

  • Helps heal their cuts and scrapes

  • Fights rashes

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