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WickedFast helped my son's OCD hand washing!

This is a customer testimonial we received recently. We just want to share the many ways that customers have found to use WickedFast to help their skin.

"I purchased one of the tins of WickedFast right before all this virus stuff broke out. My son has eczema but he's also going thru something that I don't openly share with a lot of people...he is very OCD and washes his hands like the point where they are chapped and red. It has helped tremendously. I'm telling u this to tell u that u may have another target customer base you may not have known was out there or thought about because during my research I found that he's nowhere close to alone in this OCD stuff as a kid. (It's driving me batshit crazy by the way) so I joined a group during my research and I've shared your product on there several times. Idk if you've gotten any orders from people that have seen it on there or not but there's a page dedicated to Parents of kids with OCD. Many of them have this problem and their parents are constantly looking for a solution. Just thought I would pass that along. 🤷‍♀️"

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