0.50oz WickedFast "Big Stick"

0.50oz WickedFast "Big Stick"

▪ Compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin

▪ For use with new and healed tattoos

▪ All natural ingredients heal and condition skin

▪ Paraben and dye-free

▪ Not tested on animals

▪️ Non GMO

▪️ Cruelty free

▪️ Conveniently packaged for hands free non-cross contamination application

  • What can it be used for?

    Besides healing tattoos WICKED FAST... it's good for diaper rash, psoriasis, eczema, mosquito bites, flea bites, poison oak, poison ivy, minor cuts, burns, and abrasions, welding burns, sunburns, grease, steam, and curling iron burn's, chapped lips, fever blisters, athletes feet, acne, chigger bites, and for women you can use it for eye and skin hydration after you take your makeup off at night, and you can use it as a makeup primer, and cuticle oil.


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